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Pre-Planned Funeral Services

Funeral pre-planning is the advance planning of funeral or memorial service details in anticipation of need and is an essential component of comprehensive estate planning. A funeral director will guide you through the pre-planning process, allowing you to make unhurried decisions regarding your funeral and memorial arrangements from among the vast array of options available to you.

Why Plan Ahead?

Pre-planning not only ensures that your wishes are fulfilled, but it also serves as a thoughtful gesture to your loved ones who will be spared the financial and emotional burden of making funeral arrangements during a time of deep personal loss.

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Can I Pre-Plan without Pre-Funding?

Pre-funding is a choice most people make to spare their family any financial pressures. Pre-funding can be accomplished through a variety of options which will be presented to you by our caring staff during your pre-planning meeting.

If pre-funding is not chosen, a record of your vital information and the itemization of your personal instructions and preferences will remain on file at the funeral home to act as a helpful guideline for your family while allowing the cost to be paid at the time of need.

Ready to Get Started?

At Bauer Family Funeral Homes, we encourage you to investigate the options associated with advance planning of your funeral, with absolutely no cost or obligation.

A personal meeting is recommended and can be held in one of our locations or in the privacy of your home. An appointment can be set up simply by calling 866-235-7683 or by contacting us.

Or, get started online now by completing our Online Pre-Planning Form.