Additional Services

Assistance with Post-Funeral Paperwork

At Bauer Family Funeral Homes, we understand the many things that need attended to when a loved one dies may seem overwhelming to the family. We are available to help families sort through the large amount of paperwork that is involved. We are pleased to work with insurance companies to obtain claim forms and assist you in filing these forms, as well as to file for all VA benefits and to submit Form 721 to the Social Security office.

Group Tours

To familiarize people with funerals, the related decisions that must be made, and other aspects of our services before the need arises, we offer tours of our facilities to community groups and organizations. Adult groups or children's school groups are welcome. This is a unique opportunity to familiarize the community with the funeral home, and it often helps to alleviate some of the misunderstandings and fears associated with death and dying. We welcome the opportunity to provide your group with a tour.

Public Speakers

The Bauer Family Funeral Homes' staff is available to speak to your group at your convenience. You may choose from a wide range of topics or ask us to recommend an agenda tailored specifically to your group. Programs will be customized to meet the needs of any audience, be they children, adults, men or women. Everything about our presentation is free. Our goal is to provide education and service to the community. We will be happy to travel to your group function, or we can host your meeting in our funeral home.

Topics of Interest

  • Organizing Your Affairs
    This presentation is comprised of a myriad of topics to aid individuals in coordinating and managing their final wishes. Rather than feeling overwhelmed or consumed by the task of arranging one's affairs, individuals will walk away from the presentation with a sense of direction. A visual slide show guides you through the basic steps needed for a practical approach to such a complex issue.
  • A Fascinating and Historical View of Funeral Customs, Local Funeral Homes, Gravestones and Cemeteries
    Includes both a visual slide show along with a unique compilation of old traditions and customs and where their origins came from. This program also reviews some early funeral homes of the area, gravestone symbol definitions and several seldom visited cemeteries of Armstrong County. Originally developed for and presented to the Armstrong County Genealogy Club.
  • Funeral Preplanning:
    "What happens when?... Why is it important?... Do you know how easy it is? ... I want it my way." This presentation explains what to expect when choosing to pre-arrange a funeral.
  • Choosing Cremation - What are my choices, and how much does it cost?
    A discussion on the various options and services available when cremation is selected.
  • Why is the Funeral Ceremony Important and How Do I Create a Meaningful Ceremony?
    Personal expressions: a more meaningful tribute to celebrate a loved one's life. Are you prepared?
  • What Can I Do? How Can I Help? What Can I Say?
    Developed to help you when a friend has just lost a loved one. We often say, "If there's anything I can do to help, just ask." This discussion offers advice on specific things you actually can do as well as what not to do or say when a friend is grieving.
  • Choosing a Career in the Funeral Industry
    What a funeral director does and an overview of other careers that are available in the funeral industry.
  • The History of Funeral Rituals and Local Funeral Homes
    Originally developed as a presentation for the Armstrong County Historical Museum and Genealogical Society, this discussion provides a fascinating look at funeral customs. We also include a display of quaint and interesting vintage funeral home paraphernalia.
  • Finding Your Way - Important Decisions Related to the Funeral
    A presentation about the most asked questions regarding funeral services. This discussion will inform you about the services provided by the funeral home, funeral costs and choices regarding methods of final disposition.
  • Helping Children to Cope With and Understand Death
    The death of a loved one can be a confusing and painful time for a child. This presentation discusses the loss of a loved one and grieving for children. It helps them to understand death, dying, tragic deaths, burial and cremation. This program can be adjusted for both adult groups and children's groups.
  • Living When Your Loved One Has Died
    Explains the normal feelings encountered when a loved one dies and how to cope with these feelings as we work toward adjusting to a new life.
  • Tombstone Epitaphs - Remember When, and Let's Keep It Light.
    This is a fun discussion of humorous tombstone epitaphs, a look back at some unique old traditions and customs, along with some humorous short stories.
  • Five Moves to Protect Yourself
    Safety for seniors or anyone who finds himself or herself alone. Here's some safety information we bet you didn't think of.
  • For Personal Care and Skilled Care Facilities
    An informative presentation for nursing students and health care facility workers that includes areas of mutual interest in serving the family of the deceased. Humanity Gifts Registry, donating a body to science, funeral pre-arranging, embalming regulations and cremation options are also discussed.