Bauer-Bly Funeral Home, Inc.

Dayton, Pennsylvania

Joshua Chapman Starr, Supervisor
125 East Main Street
Dayton, PA 16222

Phone: 814 257-8512
Fax: 724 545-2224


Purchased from Clair Wadding in 1956, this funeral home was owned and operated by Frank and Sally Bly for 40 years. The Bauer-Bly Funeral Home became part of our family of funeral homes in 1996. The building was extensively remodeled in 1998. Improvements included constructing additional rooms and creating a family lounge that provides all generations with a comfortable place to relax. All new furnishings created a lovely interior environment while new siding and windows dramatically changed the exterior appearance of the building. The addition of a sidewalk to the new parking area made the building accessible to our handicapped visitors. A display and tribute center, completed in 2006, offers many options, in a wide variety of price ranges, which will allow you to create a highly personalized funeral or memorial service to honor your loved one in a most personal and memorable way.

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