photo of the funeral parlor


The benefit of a funeral is for the living. It provides an opportunity for the living to honor their loved one and helps survivors begin the healing process. A funeral provides an occasion for family and friends to come together in mutual support and to begin adjusting to their loss. And, finally, a funeral gives survivors a specific and meaningful way to express their grief and to accept encouragement and sympathy from others.

Why is the selection of a Funeral Home so important?

The death of a loved one forces you to deal with a world of unfamiliar decisions at a time when you are emotionally most vulnerable. Since you must depend in large part on guidance from your funeral director, it is important that you have the utmost confidence that the funeral director is open, honest and has your best interests at heart when helping you plan a funeral.

What will the funeral director do?

The funeral director gives dignified care to the deceased through embalming and other preparations. He or she also guides families through many decisions they will have to make when a loved one dies and helps them create a meaningful tribute to their loved one.

A funeral director should educate the family on the many options available to them, including a traditional funeral service, cremation, a memorial service, or graveside services.

The funeral director will then assist the family in choosing the option they are most comfortable with and that best fits within their budget.