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Cremation Services

The Bauer Funeral Home staff knows that cremation has become increasingly more common through the years as a means of final disposition. Just because cremation is chosen does not mean that a service honoring your loved one cannot take place. In fact, cremation is a wonderful option for families who want more flexibility in planning a final farewell.

A common thought is that if the family chooses cremation, there cannot be a service or gathering. The reality is the opposite. Many of our families decide to have a visitation and funeral service before cremation takes place. Another option is to hold a memorial service after the cremation (with or without the urn present). Both of these services give family and friends the chance to have a personal way to say their goodbyes. Following cremation, the cremated remains will be placed in an urn and can be kept by the family, scattered in a place of special meaning or buried in a cemetery.

Bauer Ten-Step Cremation Process

Our 10-Step Cremation Process ensures that from family identification to celebration of life, your loved one's personal identity is safeguarded. Our experienced staff organizes, completes and verifies all cremation details and paperwork according to this process.

We Offer Cheap Cremation

In Tribute...

The Display and Tribute Centers in our five locations show all of our options when it comes to memorial urns, remembrance jewelry and cremation accessories. Many of our packages include an urn and keepsake, but we have many regular, scattering or companion urns (personalization offered on some urns for an additional cost) available for purchase. Examples of our cremation keepsake urns, accessories and jewelry are also on display, allowing you to select a special piece with which you can remember your loved one.

Cremation Service Packages

Below are the many cremation packages offered by the Bauer Funeral Homes. The packages listed include the full professional services of a funeral director and staff, crematory fee and cremation container, and some include a personal remembrance item (for example, a Thumbie© jewelry keepsake, cremation jewelry or keepsake urn), memorial urn and DVD tribute video. We also assist our families in filing insurance paperwork, veteran's benefits and social security benefits. Contact a funeral director for more information on cremation services packages.

Classic Service with Cremation

The Classic Service with Cremation package gives the family two, two-hour periods of visitation and a funeral service at the funeral home or another location chosen by the family. Cremation will take place following the services.

Twilight Service with Cremation

The Twilight Service with Cremation package is similar to the Classic Service package, except that only one two-hour period of an evening visitation is included.

Contemporary Service with Cremation

With the Contemporary Service with Cremation, a two-hour period of visitation is held two hours prior to the funeral service.

Family Farewell Cremation

The Family Farewell Cremation package does not include embalming but gives the family a private viewing time before the cremation. A memorial service can be added for an additional fee.

Cremation Without Service

The Cremation Without Service package does not include a family farewell and requires the family sign a photo identification of their loved one before cremation. A memorial service can be added for an additional fee.

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