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At the Bauer Family Funeral Homes we offer many options to families who choose cremation as a means of final disposition. Just like burial, cremation can occur following a funeral where the casket is present. The only difference between a funeral followed by burial and one followed by cremation is that the deceased is taken to the crematory after the service instead of in a procession to the cemetery.

Traditional Funeral Services

The funeral itself may be preceded by the traditional period of funeral home visitation or a reception held at the funeral home or at another location chosen by the family. During this time the casket may be open or closed in accordance with family preference. As an additional alternative, a private gathering for family and close friends may be held in lieu of a public visitation.

Memorial Services

Alternately, many families who have chosen cremation elect to conduct a memorial service to honor their loved one, which is like a funeral except the deceased is not present. In this instance, the cremation has already taken place and the family may wish to have the urn they have selected present. The urn may be placed on a table and is frequently surrounded by pictures, flowers and other items symbolic of the deceased.

What Is Cremation?

In recent years, cremation has become an increasingly popular alternative to traditional burial. Like burial or entombment, cremation is simply another way in which the body is handled after death. In cremation, intense heat is used to reduce the human body to bone fragments in a chamber known as a retort. The remaining fragments are processed into a fine powder and placed in a temporary container or a special urn selected by the family.

An immediate or direct cremation is the prompt cremation of the deceased following death without a viewing, funeral or memorial service. If direct cremation is the family's desire, the Bauer Family Funeral Homes require that an identification viewing be performed by a member of the family or an authorized party to positively verify the identity of the deceased prior to cremation. This identification viewing usually takes place at the funeral home where the necessary authorizations then are signed.

Bauer's 10-Step Cremation Process

Our 10-Step Cremation Process ensures that from family identification to celebration of life, your loved one's personal identity is safeguarded. Our experienced staff organizes, completes and verifies all cremation details and paperwork according to this process.

We Offer Cheap Cremation

In Tribute...

Whether you choose a traditional funeral service, memorial or a combination of the two for your loved one, the cremated remains of the deceased are returned following cremation. The cremated remains may be buried, scattered at a special site or placed in a memorial urn.

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In the Bauer Funeral Homes' Display and Tribute Center, there is an extensive display dedicated to the wide variety of cremation accessories available for cremated remains. Some families chose to place all of the cremated remains in an urn and to keep it at home or to bury the urn in a cemetery. Other families prefer to put some of the cremated remains in a keepsake, such as a pendant or bracelet, wind chimes or a keepsake urn, and to scatter or bury the rest. Sometimes families select a companion urn in which both spouses' cremated remains can be placed together. Special urns are also available for scattering the cremated remains or floating the cremated remains in water until the urn dissolves.

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