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We offer a variety of granite monuments and bronze markers that are available in a wide selection of colors, shapes and sizes. The Bauer Funeral Homes have been helping families craft permanent memorials to celebrate a lifetime of love and memories for over 30 years. We understand that the selection of a cemetery memorial is a very personal decision and are committed to making the process as easy, meaningful and convenient as possible. Contact us today to learn more about the many different options available.

Common Monument Styles


Upright memorials are designed with height in mind, giving the memorial high visibility within a cemetery. They are able to be created in all shapes, sizes and colors. Additionally, upright monuments can provide a large surface area for engraved messages or images.


Slant markers are a piece of granite that is straight back with the front angled in a wedge-like shape. This is an economical way to place a memorial that is still taller than the bevels or flat markers. If you prefer the slanted shape but want the monument to sit up taller, a base can be placed underneath just like the upright memorials.


Bevel markers have a slanted face with the back edge raised higher than the front to give a small upright appearance that allows easy reading when approaching the marker. This style of marker features a polished face on the top and rock pitched edges, and typically sit between six and eight inches above the ground.

Flat Granite or Bronze

A flat marker consists of either granite or bronze and is usually set flush with the ground. Most memorial parks require a bronze marker that is attached to a granite base. Some upright cemeteries have a special section for flat markers, but depending on cemetery regulations you can choose granite or bronze.

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